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Certified Life Coach by Achology, UK;

The Priority Academy, UK;

Transformation Academy, USA

Tejal Kutarekar...

A Certified Life Coach,

A Founder,

An Entrepreneur,

A Blogger, Writer, Odist for over a Decade...


What inspired me
to be
a life coach?

Life Coaching is my Choice...

Curation is my Passion...

To sum up,

Life Coaching and Writing fans a Fire within me!

Around four years back, I realized that being my own boss was my most-awaited wish. I felt like working under someone is not my cup of tea and doing a 9-5 job felt like a nightmare. Being in my comfortable physical space at home was the area that was pushing me to search out for my inner calling. (Spilling some Homebody Secrets here.)
Around that period when I was confused and indecisive about what career path I should choose, there was an inner urge to work on my emotions and mindset to understand what is causing hollowness inside me. I was in search of contentment. I decided to consider my emotional and mental well-being seriously.
I remember my first three simple steps for starting my self-work and mindset shifting work were 
Gratitude Habit. 
I chose to go through many courses online with the help of which I can lay a strong foundation for my self-life coaching. By then I had no clue that there was a dedicated industry for all these that were called life coaching. I read out many books and articles as a starter towards my understanding to have a content life.
I decided to do further research, observe and study my experiences to determine the process with the help of which I could see a change in my life with an accurate mindset and self-work.
Years passed by. Later, at perfect divine timing, I discovered that whatsoever I did for a good four years was nothing but do life coaching. I felt a strong pull towards this calling. This was a great synchronicity that changed the course of my life drastically.
I merged my studies, learnings from my diplomas, and certifications with my experiences, observations, research. Finally, there was a time when I decided to take all these at a professional level with my inner call of being a life coach by choosing niche areas as per my knowledge and expertise.
I discovered my passion for life coaching along the way with lots of trial and error. 
Life coaching gave me an understanding of my life patterns and hardwired mindset.
Life coaching helped me understand what it takes to connect within.
Life coaching made me my own boss.
Life coaching gave me a path-breaking identity as a Life Coach.
Follow Your Path is a byproduct of this whole story...