Why Email Based life coaching?

Fasten your seatbelt to go through FYP STORY :)

Many folks asked me this due to sheer curiosity that why I opted for Email-Based life coaching rather than screen-based life coaching.

Well, all modes are super effective. Nevertheless, from my experience, I found this one suitable to my style of life coaching regarding giving life coaching in English.

Talking to a stranger is definitely a bit uncomfortable task for most people. ​My main intention to build a good connection for effective life coaching with my clients is always based upon how comfortable my clients are to put forward their stories. Giving just an hour to my clients and charging hefty charges is simply not under my protocols. It takes an initial 20-25 minutes to let my clients settle themselves with my initial questionnaire time. I like to be satisfied with my coaching services by giving ample time to clients as well as me to analyze the client's background, think over, and come up with the best process of life coaching. Compromising quality would never be the choice when it comes to FYP life coaching. Clients need their own good time the way I need it to study their case, to ask them questions, and to lead them on the right path. 

Matching IST that fits during my business hours with my global clients was a juggling task for me and taking out time as per my timings was a near to impossible thing for my clients as well due to other responsibilities and commitments from both sides. I really did not wish to upset them just because of this, so, I found an awesome midway through this mode.

Email-based life coaching is easily accessible from any remote part of the country due to no commutation barrier. This is easy, not time-consuming as just with one email, the distance between me and my clients get vanished.

I love keeping written records. (maybe due to my love for writing.) 

Well, jokes aside, I think this is very captivating for my clients to reread my mail anytime in the future without feeling sad about forgetting what I told you during life coaching and without hesitating about approaching me again to fill in the blanks. This is the best escape route for that.

To be honest, my aim with the FYP life coaching venture is not to make you dependent on me whenever you need life coaching but to make you your own life coach who knows you better than anyone else on this lovely planet.

"The written word has this advantage, that it lasts and can await the time when it is allowed to take effect."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe