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10 Rules of Happiness

“Happiness is not about being in a happy state all the time.

Happiness is not about having positive thoughts all the time.

Happiness is not about having a balanced mind every time.

Happiness is all about being finely tuned with all of the above.”

Let us talk about the 10 rules of happiness. Well, they are not just 10 rules, but some rules out of so many. :)

1. Count Your Blessings

In the quest of comparing ourselves with others, we often forget to count our blessings.

We have a shelter to live in, sufficient food to consume, and many more comforts to enjoy our life.

We do not realize that there are a lot many people out there who are craving to get basic human necessities.

Hence, let us put together all those blessings to be thankful for.

2. Have a Habit of Gratitude

Now to be thankful for your blessings, you will have to practice gratitude.

Gratitude means being thankful for everything that you have in your life instead of crying and feeling sad for whatever you do not have.

Maintain a gratitude journal. Every day, try penning down 5 things you are grateful to have.

Like, I’m thankful that I’m a good Homemaker, I'm thankful that I am a caring, compassionate soul...

Appreciate and cherish what you have.

I always say Gratitude is a vital step in the process of Self-Love and without Self-Love, you can’t be happy as these two things are interconnected.


Practice Gratitude!

3. Cherish Simple Moments

We all wait for that big shift, a big change, a turning point to come across to cherish bigger moments that change our lives 180 degrees.

Why do we need to wait so long?

When we have ample small moments around to be thankful for.

Many times, I have observed a small act of love and care, showing compassion and affection to someone is what gives you the biggest happiness.

Small things have bigger impacts on your life.


Cherish them wholeheartedly!

4. Learn from Kids

We teach our kids how to live a life, but in reality, it is the opposite of it.

Kids are the best teachers in the world. Their innocent, pure and genuine heart has a lot to teach us. Provided we keep aside our good old friend “Ego” to learn from them.

5. Do not Take Anything for Granted

Anything because of which you feel privileged and lucky.

Any act, or emotion that another person is giving you is precious. These days, it is rare to find people who could love you unconditionally and make you feel on cloud 9 by doing some acts selflessly.

Never take their feelings, emotions, care, love, and time for granted.

Always spare some time to reciprocate before it's too late to do that.

6. Spend Quality Time with Loved ones

Take out some time for your near & dear ones.

Spend quality time with them.

Make lots of memories with them.

Only the memories are immortal!

7. Help Others to Live a Better Life

Motivating others in their bad phases, and being with them as emotional support through their thick and thin delivers immense happiness.

Writing is my hobby and I like to use this hobby to help others through my simple articles. So that readers can learn at least a little nugget of happiness and inspiration from that.

Decide to help at least one soul who needs your attention and support.

8. Lessons from “Blessings in Disguise”

Have you ever tried learning something interesting from the “Blessing in Disguise" incident in your life???

If not, then try doing it once.

Disgusting moments teach us a lot that even a good moment can't teach.

Hence, try to be vigilant about it.

9. Do not Judge yourself from your Past

Stop being harsh and hard on yourself. Your past is not your future.

Stop the "blame game" about whatever you did wrong in the past.

The biggest trap of being unhappy is dwelling on your past and not letting go of it ever.

We can't change the past, but with a moving forward approach in the present, we can make our future better.

10. Accept your life “as It is”

Just like you accept your loved ones as they are.

We all have imperfect lives. We all have our flaws.

Accepting those flaws and imperfections will make you feel content with what you have.

And when you are content with your life the way it is, you automatically start being happy with it.

Aren’t these rules simple yet effective?

I hope this article will be captivating for you.

Just try these simple steps and be ready to see the magical shifts with your own efforts!

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