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Better Late than Never

Let's quickly go through things that you would probably regret the most if you never do them.

1. Not apologizing to someone you hurt.

2. Not forgiving yourself ever.

3. Not being grateful to those who did a lot for you unconditionally.

4. Not following your inner calling.

5. Not expressing your feelings to someone.

6. Not taking risks in life by being in the comfort zone.

7. Not investing in you to understand yourself better.

8. Not prioritizing your contentment over and above anything else.

9. Not taking mental and emotional health seriously.

10. Not understanding the value of self-love, self-care, self-acceptance.

11. What else???

That's a task for you…

Take out your journal and jot down as many points as you can regarding getting to know your gist of regrets.

In my life coaching practice, I call this a "Deathbed Exercise".

Let's try to understand what is Deathbed Exercise,

1. Meditate for 10 minutes to calm down your thoughts, feel peaceful within.

Rushing thoughts in your mind will not help to get clarity of your thinking process. You can only get clear answers when you choose to understand your thoughts in a neutral mindset.

This is possible only when your brain is in a serene state.

Therefore, meditate for some time.

2. Visualize your deathbed scenario.

Ask these questions,

What things will put a smile on your content face?

What things will bother you a lot for not doing them?

3. Consider all those points that you may regret later for not attempting them in your life.

Jot down all those points in a journal.

4. Write down Action Plan for the same.

Pen down what actions/ steps/ measures you are ready to take to tick off respective regret.

5. Make a move.

Implementation and execution are the most important stages of your action plan.

Take that first baby step right away.

That's it.

This was simple with no exhaustive steps to follow.

Wasn't this?

This is an effective technique I have used on many of my clients in my life coaching practice.

I have found this technique life-changing for many.

My whole perspective towards my life got changed with this technique.

Hence, give it a try.

"You will never regret what you didn't do in life.
You will surely regret what you WANTED TO DO but YOU DID'T DO."
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