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Blues Suck!

We are conditioned to be optimistic, happy, and positive all the time. We have been enforcing this wrong belief in our subconscious minds so much that when we are upset we start feeling demotivated and devastated because we can't meet our brain’s false expectations of being happy all the time. We are bound to feel negative, down, demotivated and it is absolutely "OK" and "Accepted". So when we are on an emotional roller coaster ride and trying to balance ourselves, these 10 habits may help us. These are tried and tested by me. They work perfectly. :D Habit No 1:- Write a Journal Make two parts in the journal. In one part, write down things that you did in a day that made you happy. In another part, write down things that made you feel sad and depressed. Now, once you write this part. Read it out and just cut it off with a pen. You will feel relaxed immediately once you do this. By doing so, we are not going to erase uncomfortable memories, but we are just accepting them to let go. Habit No 2:- Maintain a manifestation or affirmation book Now, this is something fancy yet effective. Maintain a book in which you write down things you want to manifest. Write down your dreams. Write down your wish list here. In affirmations, write down the qualities that you want for your self-development. Make sure you use present tense while writing, not past, continuous tense, or future tense. E.g. I’m confident…I’m courageous… And feel like you already have it. This has transformed many people’s lives around me.

Habit No 3:- Compliment small things Compliments never go to waste. Give compliments to the people around you. Be thankful to mom for sacrificing her dreams for you… Be thankful to dad who always tries to treat you like a prince or princess… Be thankful to your spouse for unconditional love and fabulous companionship… Be thankful to the friend who has been there for you always… Be thankful to your siblings for little fights that gave immense joy… Be thankful to the universe for helping you out by manifesting your wishes… Be thankful to nature for giving us a lot of resources… Be thankful to your neighbor who cooks the delicious dish at the weekend dinner parties… Be thankful to each one around you… Everyone teaches you something, so make them happy with simple compliments… Habit No 4:- Enjoy the little things This is something that I have been doing since my childhood. I love enjoying the small things. Let it be the first snowfall or rain. Let it be grandma’s kiss. Let it be playing with kids. Let it be drenching in the rain with your pets. Let it be gardening and talking to plants while watering them. Small things often give you more happiness. Habit No 5:- Self-love This is very important. Self-pampering, self-care, self-respect, and self-love should be our priorities. Habit No 6:- Meditation This connects you to your inner self. Take at least 15 minutes daily to get connected to your inner soul.

Habit No 7:- Spare some time for hobbies Give some time to your talents and hobbies. Spending time on our hobbies is as good as spending time with our souls. So are you ready to play your guitar after a long gap? Let’s get started then! Habit no 8:- Surprise gifts Self- appreciation inspires you, and motivates you. Give yourself a gift on your victories and your special days. Habit No 9:- Try to fight all alone This sounds weird…Right? We always need someone around us to fight with our problems. We rely on others by thinking that they will fight on our behalf. Of course, we need to take guidance and advice to cope in a better way, but expecting others to solve our issues and problems is like not taking responsibility of your life. So train your mind for this instead of training it to rely on others in your bad phases. The way we feel responsible and accountable for our success, let us make ourselves responsible and accountable for our failures as well. Habit no 10:- Stamp in mind “It is ok to be messy and imperfect” Half of our life we spend on proving ourselves, making ourselves perfect. This sounds boring, Right? Just tell your mind it is ok not to achieve all these hyped things. Trying to make ourselves perfect and ideal drains a lot of our mental energy and this also frustrates us by seeing that we could not meet our not so sensible expectations. Tell yourself "I am perfect with my imperfections". Accept your flaws and cherish them! Simple things are often very powerful things in life. That's it. I hope this article will help you to make your blues bearable.

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