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Just a Blah day!

I have been writing to spread emotional and mental awareness among people for more than 14 years. Even though I have been writing helpful and captivating stuff to have a better life, I do come across situations when I feel dull and down. Whether there is a reason or not, I do go through an emotional rush sometimes. And I feel like being human, we are bound to feel so.

So hereby, I give you simple steps to cope with this stuff.

Spiritual beings

Spirituality is the best mind therapy to calm down stress, and anxieties. I have seen this therapy working well on depression as well. Spiritual practices are a very subjective topic. Everyone's spiritual views and beliefs are different. You opt for practices that you believe in. For me, spiritual engagements give me hope and optimism during not-so-good phases of my life.

Music mania

I am a die-hard fan of listening to music. It just makes my day.

Listen to songs that you like.

Meditation helps

Meditation is a very powerful tool to focus on the inner energy and vibrations to sink them with cosmic vibrations.

Express yourself

Let your emotions come out, do not bottle up them, otherwise, they will burst out in an awful way.

Write down how you feel. Record this in your voice if you want. Talk to your nearest and dearest one.


The mirror is your best friend.

A mirror will not judge you for whatsoever you are.

Sometimes there is no one around us to whom we can approach for help. In this case, approach yourself.

After all, who knows you better than you, yourself?

Talk to yourself by looking in the mirror.

Cry If required

We can’t reject the fact that often we go to the washroom when we feel like crying when everybody is at home.

It is absolutely fine to do so. Even I do this, honestly speaking.

It is another way of paving the way for our emotions to flow the way they want to without interrupting them much.

Play with pets

Around 12 years back, I had a fish tank at my home in India. I remember I used to sit there watching what my fish were doing. Looking and observing them used to make me feel better.

Play with your pets, go on rounds with them.

Go for a walk

Step out to feel fresh.

Go to a nearby park or garden.

Spend your time in nature.

If you live around the mountain area, go hiking.

Nature therapy is the best therapy to make ourselves feel good.

Feel the breeze of fresh air!

Watch a comedy

Watch comedy movies, web series, or read books.

Bring in some light energy with them.

Start playing with kids

These innocent beings are amazing during downtimes.

They just lift your mood with their simple, innocent acts.

Engage your time with them.

Do things that make you happy

We all are different beings regarding likes and dislikes. The thing that makes me happy may not make you happy. When I am upset, I prefer listening to spiritual music or high-beat songs. My mom watches comedy shows or cooks something, by doing that she feels good. Do those things that really uplift your mood. It could be anything- shopping, gardening, playing an instrument, drawing; the list is endless.

Now homework for you. Add on as many points as you can in the above gist and note them all down in your journal. So, when you are not feeling well, you can just have a look at this list and choose any activities to do.

That's all.

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