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Poem - Stars...Back in the Garden!!!

Beauty of the crescent moon

Twinkle spark dancing back and forth

Mesmerizing sky, wishes fly high

A new story starts at the horizon...

Hankering for the vista

Jingles around in the serenity

Ecstatic momentary mirage

Merges with infinity...

Humming chills roaming in the hills

Calming snow, frosted greens

Dawn illusionary enchanting

Exquisite vibrations, the soul feels...

Breez flows freely

Leaves dancing in the rhythm

Lyrical in tandem

Cherished warmth openly...

Morning dew, summery vibes

A ray drenching outside

Sunny sunshine sprinkling the glow

Streams liberated with the flow...

The passion of fire with earthy plane

Neutralized aura the nature claims

Rain synchronized with ocean tides

Enriched wavering minds...

A new push, a new archway

Destiny unfolds the undiscovered way

That passed with time

Again and again...

What else left?

Who else left?

Stars...Back in the garden!!!

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