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Positivity Overloaded

How many times do you stumble upon messages, hoardings, billboards, flyers, images, videos that say,

"Stay Positive"

"Good Vibes Only"...

Countless times our brain gets bombarded with toxic positivity statements that hamper our mindset unconsciously.

I remember one incident that triggered my inner writer and life coach to wake up and pen down some thoughts about toxic positivity. I think this incident was a wake-up call for me to address what's wrong with being positive if this craving for being positive goes out of a certain limit.

One of my friends was talking about her relative, who had a heart attack. After we finished off with our general discussion on health awareness, she surprised me with her statement.

She said, "Tejal, I feel that my relative will get recovered without any treatments."

I was absolutely surprised by her statement, It was such an impractical statement!

She did not even take a moment to think over whether it was possible to cure the damaged heart without any medical treatments and rehab sessions.

This was the moment when I could pinpoint what's wrong with being positive if our craving for staying positive goes beyond the limit of healthy positivity to toxic positivity.

My point in explaining all these is to let you all know that toxic positivity never helps and never cures anything without having a logical, pragmatic, and practical basis for it.

I have made my formula for being positive,

"Formula 3 P's"

"Pragmatic, Practical Positivity."

This is the best formula to approach life with the accurate mindset of leading life positively.

Stay Positive with 3 P's. :)

With a note of information that the respective relative is keeping well only after going through all the medical treatments that were required and necessary I wrap up here with my small curation.

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