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Journaling - A Potent Solution for Changing Life

Updated: Apr 8

This year is flying by quickly! So, it's not a bad idea to inculcate a new habit, with a new resolution on the vision board this month.

What do you say?

Well, I am talking about that resolution, which you would be adhered to forever!

This time, I have come up with a topic that is one of my favorite topics to write about.

There are multiple things, and resources available for us that would help us live a better life.

Journaling is one of them!

Every day I keep reminding myself,

“ How you lived so far is least important, but how you are going live from now on is the most important take towards living a better life by improvising yourself daily."

To live life to its utmost potential, we need to start journaling to unfold several layers of our lives that are hidden and undiscovered.

So, let's discover them with the help of journaling.

I am going to pen down how you can jump-start implementing the habit of journaling with simple practical steps.

Shall we start then?

1. Get a Journal

This is the first step to start the life-changing journey of journaling.

Recently, I came across a journal named “The 5-minute journal" having formatted space and thought-provoking questions to write down the content.

This journal soon became part of my suggested journals category. Why do I suggest "The 5-minute journal"?

Because we all find it difficult to spare some time for briefing down the whole day in the journal due to our busy schedules. This becomes the main excuse for either not inculcating the habit of journaling or not being consistent with the journaling regime.

In this scenario, “The 5-minute journal" comes to our rescue.

If you can spare adequate time, then you can go for brief journaling otherwise, for super busy folks, “The 5-minute journal" would be the best suitable option to go for.

2. Choose a Quiet Place and Meditate

This is a warm-up exercise for our brainy minds.

Before the main exercise, we warm up our body to make it ready for the main exercise.

In the same way, meditation before journaling helps to bring back your focus and calm down your mind by clearing unwanted thoughts from your brain.

Choose a quiet, peaceful place for both, meditation and journaling.

By the way, fewer distractions are always welcome here.

This meditation step is just to tune in with your inner soul in serenity to get clarity about your mindset and thinking process.

3. Commitment followed by Consistency

In any relationship, commitment is important, but over and above commitment, consistency matters to keep the relationship going.

The same goes for journaling or for that matter practicing any new habit.

Otherwise, just for a week, we feel pumped to write a journal, and then after a few days, we literally have to find in which corner of the room our journal is lying.

This midway send-off happens with everyone.

So, Try to be committed and consistent with journaling as long as possible for your benefit.

4. Write your Life Story in Your Own Words

The best book in the world is the book having your own life story curated into it.

While journaling, keep your mind open like you are opening up in front of your best buddy who is not going to judge you.

Write what you feel like writing, positive or negative that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that your thoughts are getting words and these words are curating a beautiful life story in your own words!

So, try to be creative and experimental here with your emotions, feelings, and words.

5. Wrap up with Positive Affirmations and a Gratitude Note

The mechanism of the universe works on the basis of energies. Therefore, the vibrations you release in the universe come back to you somehow.

Make sure you write positive affirmations in between your life stories.

It can be as simple as,

Affirming — I am living a content life. I am living in the present moment to make the most out of it.

Along with that,

Leave a Gratitude Note.

Like, I am happy to have a loving family. I am happy to have adorable kids. I am thankful for having the comforts in my life. I am grateful to have a healthy life.

A little gratitude gesture makes a huge difference in the way we look at our life.

Either you can use both as a part of your write-up or else you can choose any of the suggested things.

I personally like to go for a gratitude note. Because over and above, positive affirmations, the habit of being grateful helped me in the past to sail through the tough times of my life when it was very hard for me to stick to the positive affirmations as I was unable to relate with those affirmations practically at that time.

6. Read your Journal Every Night Before you Sleep

When you are about to finish one chapter of a novel, you know that a new story is about to start on the very next page with the next chapter.

Sum up your day’s story before you go to bed.

This is the opportunity to decide what to leave and what to take with you for the next day.

Leave behind that does not serve any purpose, and take with you what makes your life, not perfect, but better than before.

7. Start a Story Afresh the Next Morning

Every moment is another chance to start your life afresh!

The next morning, start jotting down a new story.

A story that you would like to read for yourself and for your grandchildren in the future.

With a new page, you get a brand new canvas to curate beautiful paint on it.

Write a story that inspires you and even the masses.

“ Having a perfect life shall not be the aim of living a fulfilling life. The aim has to be of getting better at being comfortable in your own skin with your imperfect life as you age.”

That's all from my side. Before I wind up, let's take a moment to ponder upon the benefits of Journaling:-

The perks of journaling are enormous…

  • As you start journaling, you will be able to pinpoint positive shifts in your mindset.

  • Journaling is a medium with the help of which you can reflect on your thoughts and this helps to declutter your mind.

  • Journaling helps to bring forward clarity about choices and decisions that you want to make. For those who are indecisive like me, the habit of penning down helps a lot.

  • You get to fix the problem areas very easily once you are clear about your negative thinking pattern.

  • You can recognize the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living a fulfilling life.

  • You discover the best buddy to whom you can share everything without any hesitation, without any worry about getting judged.

  • You find the path to vent out all your frustration, grudges, regrets, anger, and agitation. The feelings and emotions that you suppressed before will get their ways to flow.

  • You get a chance to self-assess yourself. This enhances the quality of your thoughts and eventually your life.

  • You see the clarity about your inner strength and weaknesses. Once you discover your potential and inner capabilities you automatically get directed to the path of self-empowerment.

And many more perks are on their way...

Getting evolved as a better person is a journey, it's a lifelong process that takes time.

Hence, trust the process and enjoy the journey of journaling rather than thinking about the destination.

Journaling is one potent solution out of many others to take the first baby step towards self-improvement with mindful introspection.

In my personal experience, journaling has become a daily ritual than just a habit.

A ritual that enhances the quality of my life and helps me enjoy my life to the fullest with a state of consciousness.

Now, my question to you is...

When are you jump-starting your journey of journaling?

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