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What holds people back from doing what they want to do?

This sounds familiar. Right?

We all go through this situation in our life.

Hence, I decided to put together certain points for us all to consider.

Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy this curation!

Let’s start with you because a self-work journey always starts with you.

Let's part the content into two categories for easy understanding.

  • Internal factors

  • External factors


1. Self-Esteem

We all need an inner push, inner encouragement, and inner empowerment to get started with a new adventure in life. Without these, all the adventures could start, but we will never be able to take full advantage of our potential. We all are blessed with some skills, and talents. What we really lack is that inner push, inner encouragement, and inner empowerment throughout the way.

Think about resources that you can gather to fuel your inner drive. Set a goal, visualize yourself, and your life that you will have once you achieve your goal, and make a vision board accordingly.

2. Spontaneity

Commitment towards our dreams is important, but what makes your dream come true is consistency. It is natural to feel a lack of passion, lack of interest, creative block, slump, and burnout. This is a wake-up call for revisiting and rediscovering the path.

Think about different substitutes that you can try out to bring back your passion, interest, creativity, and consistency.

3. Goal Cycle

Do you know the secret formula of the Goal Cycle?

Well, I have one for you,

“Action plan + Implementation + Execution + Review”

These are four vital pillars of achieving any goal that you have in mind.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

4. Procrastination

We are hardly punctual about doing tasks on time. Half of our time goes into procrastinating what we are supposed to start now.

Does this postponement really help?

Is this procrastination going to lessen the burden?

Ask these questions to yourself. If the answers you will get are deteriorating your situation even further then I think, it is better to jump-start with the things that you want to do.

5. Self-Limiting Beliefs

I have a doubt about my capability…

I am afraid to get started due to uncertainty…

I can’t do this due to a lack of clarity and surety…

I am not sure if I can make it up…

Our "monkey mind" is really good at giving excuses.

Decision and certainty never go hand in hand. Clarity and surety only come when things are half done.

Hence, work more on identifying self-limiting beliefs. Consider the steps that you can do to win over them.

6. Past Effect

We all have failed several times in our lives in the past.

Only those who try doing something new have a possibility of failing. Only those who decide to challenge their comfort zone have a possibility of failing. Only those who dare to live their dreams have a possibility of failing. Only those who decide to do something out-of-the-box things have a possibility of failing.

Remember, “If you fail it will be a lesson. If you succeed it will be a memorable experience.”

But it is not easy to combat the feeling of failure. Fear of failure and rejection in the past has a "memory rebounding effect". Whenever we decide to initiate things, this rebounding effect will haunt us to step back.

In this case, what to do?

Keep your “Plan B” ready if your “Plan A” fails. When you keep a backup of “Plan B” the brain will help you to initiate things regardless of all your worries, fears, or anxieties because the brain is ready to bring “Plan B” in force if the “Plan A” fails.

This way you can gather your guts to initiate whatever you want to do.

7. Risk Taking

Let’s confess that we all are initially afraid to start something new. Our brain is hardwired when it comes to habits. This is the embedded inbuilt software that works on autopilot mode. If we decide to challenge this inbuilt system the brain gets uncomfortable. This hampers our assertiveness to get started with the tasks as the anxiety of the unknown kicks in.

We all are familiar with the stock market equation; Greater the risk greater the returns. In the same manner, the more risks we will take in life the better avenues we will get to make our life an extraordinary journey.

This is the key takeaway I learned from a lovely book, “Shoe Dog – A Memoir by the creator of Nike” by Phil Knight.

I would recommend this book so that whatever I wish to convey with this point will hit something within you with the content of this book.

Now, as you have introspected within external things come into the picture.

Just relax a bit with an interval before we jump on the external factors...


1. Circumstances

Circumstances and situations set some boundaries, restrictions, and limitations. These boundaries, restrictions, and limitations never define your life if you choose to come up with a “simultaneous solution”.

You wish to open your art studio, but you can't consider quitting your current job that is giving you stable earnings, that is helping you to meet your living expenses then start a small scale art studio as a part-time job. Once you are in a position where you can rely on an art studio with at least some stability you can opt for this work full time and you will be in a position to leave the current job that you are doing for the sake of earning with zero contentment within.

This was an example to explain my point that circumstances and situations shall never define your life. You always have a choice to try out “simultaneous solutions”.

2. Society

It is a generational tradition to adhere to society’s norms when it comes to when to get married, when to have kids, and what job to do. It’s time to break these generational preconceived norms. Society’s norms shall not dictate how our lives should be.

Be in the driver’s seat of life!

3. Loved Ones

We are busy chasing conventional expectations, hopes, wishes, desires, and dreams set forth by our near and dear ones. We are concerned about how they will feel if we don’t meet their expectations? Whether they will compare us with others if we fail?

In a nutshell, we prioritize expectations, hopes, wishes, desires, and dreams decided by them for us.

“Opinions, views of our well-wishers matter, but not their decisions that are taken on behalf of us.”

I covered those points here, which I experienced in my life so far in my journey with whatever was holding me back from what I wanted to do in my life. I considered all these points to work on and I just did whatever I wanted to do in my life, even when these things were holding me back.

If you ask me now, “Do you have any regrets about not doing what you wanted to do?”

I will surely say, “Umm, NO.”

I am sure you have your own points to add on. Consider those additional points and get started with the journey of self-evaluation that would help you to take that first baby step to do whatever you wanted to do but didn’t do.

So, what are you waiting for?

Best wishes to you for your first baby step!


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