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What's In Your Heart to Give?

"Either make a difference or be that difference." - Tejal Kutarekar

I am excited to curate this article with my own life experiences and observations. I am glad to bring forward this curation for you all.

Let's jump right away on the question that I want you to ponder over.

Do you feel content when you ask something from someone or you take something from someone?

If, "Yes" then this article is probably not for you.

I am just kidding.

Stick around!

Now, let me put it this way,

Do you feel content when you give something to someone?

I heard "A Big Yes."

There were a couple of incidents that inspired me to add on a new goal this new year.

The goal is to find out "What's in my heart to give?"

Let's go back to the flashback for a moment...

This incident happened around ten years back when I was embracing my college days. There was a traditional day in the college and we all students were supposed to flaunt ourselves in the traditional Indian attire. I was late for the lectures. I hastily entered the classroom.

Phew, the lecture was yet to start. I took a moment to look around. The whole classroom felt stunning that day with traditional attire. Everyone was busy taking selfies and group pictures.

In that crowd, I saw a girl sitting silently, not talking to anybody. She seemed withdrawn and disinterested in that charming environment.

I straight away rushed to her. "Hey, you are looking pretty in this attire." I complimented and got busy doing my presentation practice.

After about a few hours, I got free time to look around. I saw the same girl confidently mingling with others, talking, laughing, taking selfies.

Just in a few hours, something magical happened to her. When she caught me looking at her, she gave me a warm assuring smile.

I was sure by then,

"My random act of appreciation made her feel good about herself. One simple sentence proved to be a game-changer for her."

Not to mention, this made my day!

In the last month, I was busy decluttering my handbag mindfully. There was unnecessary junk in my bag, paid bills, some receipts, business cards, some random stuff. That was the moment when one thought just lightened in my mind,

"Why not carry something in the bag that would make someone's day special?" I decided to try out this experiment.

The next day, when I was getting ready for my driving class, I put some chocolates in my handbag and I stepped out with no plan in my mind about to whom I shall give these chocolates.

That day was my last day of driving class. Before signing my driving progress card, I thought for a while about something and gave those chocolates to my training session managers and trainers.

The managers and trainers were touched by this act.

I could immediately sense, I made their day!

These two incidents inspired me to think about the idea of "What's in your heart to give."

Thereafter, not only chocolates but I made a conscious habit of carrying useful stuff that I can give away selflessly to random people or to those who are underprivileged.

It's not a bad idea to make someone's day special when someone is least expecting this sweet gesture from you.

The moment I started showing kindness, gratefulness, and spreading happiness to random people who cross their paths in my life I started feeling emotionally content and prosperous. The great Universe took note of all my sweet gestures and surprised me in return the sweet surprises by random people since then.

Thereafter, I literally started believing in the quote that was stuck in my mind for ages,

"What goes around comes around." - Willie Nelson

Our little acts of respect, concern, belongingness, comfort, affection, appreciation, kindness towards random people may have a lifelong impact on their lives.

Nothing could be blissful than being the significant reason for that lifelong impact...

Spread love and light!

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